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MINT: Motif Identifier for Nucleic acids Trajectory
MINT is an automatic tool for analyzing three-dimensional structures of RNA and DNA molecules, their full-atom molecular dynamics trajectories or other conformation sets (e.g. X-ray or NMR-derived structures).

MINT WebServer is an online MINT version capable of analyzing single RNA or DNA conformations. To analyze many conformations download the standalone version of MINT.

What can MINT WebServer do?
Find all secondary Watson-Crick (WC-WC) and non-Watson-Crick (non-WC-WC) contacts between the nucleotides in your RNA or DNA molecule.

Detect all RNA motifs: pseudo-knots, loops, bulges and junctions with their specifications.

Estimate the energy of stacking interactions between nucleotides using a molecular mechanics approach.

Draw your structure (using VARNA) and colour it according to the computed parameters.
What is needed to use MINT WebServer ?
PDB ID of your RNA or DNA structure or a PDB file with placed hydrogen atoms.
When to download MINT for local use?
If your molecule contains modified nucleotides parameterized by yourself.

If you would like to analyze conformations from a molecular dynamics trajectory to investigate the evolution of the above listed parameters and compute statistics.

In case of problems or questions, please contact: Anna Górska or Maciej Jasinski or use the GitHub site of the project and create an issue.